Handcrafted Quality

NK Shoebox Pockets are unique! 

Many people require pockets to carry their necessities from day to day and for matching an evening gown for fine dining and entertainment. Our customers want something unique! 

We have created a line of pockets (purses) for our customers. Each unique pocket includes a hand crafted flower, adjustable strap size, color combination and button. If you like the fringe look, the long and wide bag, the short and compact bag, or a simple hand carry with ruffles, we make to order.

We offer this unique pocket in a variety of colors and styles as you can see our examples. The styles include non-flap or flap over the top of pocket. Some include a large or small button and straps are customized for your desired length.

Customize your pocket today! Give us your favorite color, your height and other specifications. We will craft your unique NK Shoebox Pocket n the Big Island of Hawaii and ship it directly to you, guaranteed to your satisfaction or your money back!