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We believe every girl deserves a unique doll, named after her, and completely handmade. Every doll is carefully crafted in your favorite colors and with the softest yarn hair.


Here's the real story behind the dolls...

In 2012 my mother taught me how to crochet. My new granddaughter was just about to have her 4th birthday and I really wanted to make a doll for her. She loves dolls! Through much focus and hard work, the first doll was ready to go on the morning of her 4th birthday. She was delighted. That was the start of my doll-making process.     

In the first year, 40 dolls were produced. It was toward the end of the first year that I decided to name the dolls according to their owners. They are created and delivered to celebrate a girl's birthday, wedding, or any occasion.  A picture can be imprinted onto a little aprons to commemorate special occasions.

The dolls are numbered and posted on the "Weekly Shoebox Dolls" page of this web site and on Facebook. Anyone can select a doll which is then registered by the girl's name. Once named, any request for the same doll will carry the registered girl's name. In other words, if Therese orders doll #45, her name is registered with doll #45 and future requests for doll #45 will always be named "Therese." If you find a doll at NK Shoebox Dolls' online store, and you purchase it, you may name the doll with your name or another girl's name, she will carry that name forever.

Every girl deserves a unique doll, named after her, and completely handmade in her favorite colors. Each doll is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and shipped in shoebox with a pink ribbon. Nk Shoebox Dolls appreciates your feedback.


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